Sundays, 2-5pm

(All workshops held at 5130 Connecticut Ave NW)

How does the

Feldenkrais Method work?!

It works by guiding you to ask yourself meaningful questions.

These are questions that open doors whether or not you find “answers”.

When you make it a regular practice, the Feldenkrais Method can help you learn how to create a meaningful dialogue with your body that inevitably opens up new possibilities in your life.

***If you attend a regular Feldenkrais classes, but would like a more immersive experience, this series of TWELVE 3-hour workshops was created for YOU!!***

*          *          *

Whatever the theme, every workshop will give you the opportunity to:

  • Dive deeper – with multiple Awareness Through Movement lessons
  • Deepen your understanding of the Feldenkrais process
  • Learn more about your anatomy to help clarify your self-image
  • Ask questions and share your experiences with fellow creative spirits
  • Get ideas to put your new learning into daily awareness practice
  • Purchase, if you choose, recordings of the workshop lessons

*          *          *

Single workshops: $50 / Any 3 workshops: $135** / 5 workshops $200**

**take advantage of a special price offer on Functional Integration

when you attend multiple workshops.**



Questions? Contact me at sethbdellinger [at]



 4/22: Strengthening Your Creative Backbone


Pain in the low back and the neck is a common problem, resulting from uneven distribution of effort along the entire length of the spine. Wake up the sleeping vertebrae in your spine to recover its natural strength, flexibility and vitality, and improve the carriage of your head. REGISTER

Watch this video for a taste of what’s coming in the workshop…


5/6: Getting Hip To Your Full Potential


The pelvis is our power center, but many of us never learn how to use it to its full potential. Discover how more skillful hips make everything you do easier. Reconnect with your creative center to make a bigger impact in the world. REGISTER


5/20: Vision and Action:

How the Eyes Organize Movement


How you see the world determines the way you move in the world. Becoming conscious of how you use our eyes habitually and introducing new options into your vision can radically shift the balance of your breath, your musculature and the overall state of your nervous system. REGISTER


6/3: Developing the Art of Deep Listening

8:6 mushrooms 1

From the day we are born, our ability to learn is based on our ability to discriminate differences. By refining our perceptual skills, we open new doors of possibility in relation to ourselves, our environment, and our fellow human beings. Particularly recommended for meditation practitioners. REGISTER


7/15: Expanding Your Breathing Capacity

sink swim

There is nothing more fundamental to life than the breath. So the quality of our breathing impacts every other thing we do. Breathe easier and learn how to use the breath as a fundamental tool for developing awareness of body, mind, heart, and spirit. REGISTER


7/29: Treasure Chest – Finding Flexibility in the Ribs


The “rib cage” is an unfortunate phrase that paints an image of a fixed, restrictive structure surrounding our lungs. Yet, in reality, the sternum and ribs have great shape-shifting potential. Accessing this flexibility expands the breath and our overall sense of space in the world. REGISTER


 8/12: Sitting on the Floor – A Basic Human Function

sitting on floor

In many parts of the world, it’s perfectly normal to sit on the floor – in a variety of ways – to fulfill many basic functions. Not so in the west. Relearn to do what you did as a kid (and unlearn some of your adult habits). Find more comfort in your body and your environment. REGISTER


8/26: Unlocking the Jaw:


The jaw is one of the most notorious areas where the gridlock of tension can collect and cause misery. On the other hand, releasing the jaw opens up new comfort and freedom along the entire length of the spine and throughout the body. REGISTER


9/9: Finding Your Voice

kimbra mouth

Our voice is not only our primary means for communication, it also reflects our inner world. How we use our voice largely determines how the world receives us. Exploring behind, below and between our words, we can find powerful new ways to confidently express our true nature. REGISTER


9/23: Improvisation in Everyday Life

(Not Just for Artists!)

drawing kid

Letting go of the idea that things can be strictly controlled and learning how to follow the flow of life is a skill that we all need. Find out why improvisation is at the heart of every Awareness Through Movement Lesson – and every other thing that we do. REGISTER

Single workshops: $50 / Any 3 workshops: $135** / 5 workshops $200**

**take advantage of a special price offer for Functional Integration

when you attend multiple workshops.**



Questions? Contact me at sethbdellinger [at]