Seth FI Juliana 5

                    photo: Yulia Kriskovets

I am pleased to offer you individual hands-on Feldenkrais sessions, known as Functional Integration®.

Functional Integration is a highly individualized hands-on learning process that can help you to:

  • Ease back, neck, shoulder and other joint pain
  • Improve your balance and flexibility
  • Reduce stress and destructive thought patterns
  • Breathe better and sleep better
  • Raise the level of your athletic, musical or artistic performance

I work with a variety of clients of different ages, occupations and fitness levels to improve movement, body awareness and personal well-being.  In particular, many clients who have worked with me privately have found solutions to their neck and back pain, balance issues and self-destructive thinking patterns.

Seth FI Ramu 7

photo: Yulia Kriskovets

See what some of my clients are saying . . . 

During a private Functional Integration session – sometimes called an “FI” – you rest, fully clothed, usually on a table, but sometimes in a chair or in other positions. I will use gentle touch, dialogue and guided movement explorations to help you find new, easier movement pathways, and let go of unnecessary tension patterns that may be causing you pain and discomfort.

I will work with you to craft an individual program specifically tailored to your difficulties, challenges and goals.  In each session we will have the opportunity to explore new options to help you improve your posture, flexibility, and overall ease of movement.  We will identify the habitual patterns of movements that do not serve you and discover new alternatives that can open up new freedom of movement both in body and mind.

At 5130 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

Make an appointment online for a initial consultation or contact me directly at sethbdellinger@gmail.com or 202-460-5389.


Artist/Student Scholarships

Are you an artist or student who is interested in exploring how the Feldenkrais Method could transform your ability to enact your creative potential – but you have limited funds to invest?

If so, you are just the way I was when I discovered this Method.  My first interest in Feldenkrais had to do with feeling deeper into myself as I reconnected to my musical past after many years of working in factories.  And my income from factory jobs often made it a challenge to consider investing in individual hands-on Feldenkrais sessions or attending special workshops.

Luckily, I met several wonderful practitioners who recognized my enthusiasm and made it possible in different ways for me to experience the Method with the funds I had available.  Now I would like to return the favor by helping other artists and students who may find themselves in a similar position.

If I am describing you or someone you know, please contact me to get more information about a special price for 5 hands-on sessions or a special scholarship program where I will work with you intensively for one-month to help you transform your possibilities!

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